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Rome Neighborhoods

A Neighborhood Guide to Cities around the World

If you read in our last post, we described how we decide where to stay in a city. We’re kind of particular, and know what we want and what we don’t want. With that being said, we don’t get it right every time, but we do our research and that’s what we’re giving you today!

The best blog posts regarding the neighborhoods in each major city we have stayed in:

Just so you know, we are over two months in and are just now reaching a groove of knowing what we want, so don’t be afraid to explore different “vibes” (a phrase right out of the ole guidebook) in different cities. Every city is different too, so you might win some and lose some. Just enjoy it for what it is!

Paris, France

In Lisa’s article “A Breakdown of the Paris Arrondissements by a Sassy New Yorker,” she does a really great job explaining what each arrondissement has to offer, as well as the overall vibe throughout the neighborhood. With that being said, we chose to stay in the 10th Arrondissement, and it was exactly what we wanted! However, we were definitely on the outskirts of the 10th which borders along the 19th Arrondissement, meaning that we always had our guard up walking around at night. But it goes without saying when you stay in an “up and coming” or “sketchy” area, you are taking a chance that the reward will be greater than the risk.

Prague, Czech Republic

The Bohemian Brews do an impressive  job explaining each of Prague’s neighborhood in their article “Prague’s Neighborhood.” We did Prague a little differently with staying in a hostel for the majority of the time, and then finding a place outside of the heart of the city for the last four days. The hostel was located smack dab in the middle of (touristy) Prague 1 making it easy for us to get a feel for the charm in and around the city. After five days, we decided we had enough and wanted to get a feel of what “true” Prague was like. However, our original idea of staying in the Vinohrady neighborhood just didn’t work out this time, so instead we found a great place in Prague 7! And we loved it, as there were great places to eat, and our place bordered Letná Park, which was perfect to exercise in everyday.

Lisbon, Portugal

The Culture Trip is always a go-to for pertinent information and we find ourselves using it time and time again. In Portugal we were in a beautiful flat in the heart of the city which made for exploring the intricate side streets a blast! The Baixa neighborhood was beautiful and very picturesque as it shows in all the photos. It was centrally located and we were able to walk everywhere – granted you’ll get a great butt workout walking up and down all the hills day and night. However, the very last day we stayed in the Bairro Alto which I highly recommend for all young traveller’s alike. Several delicious and local eateries are located here, and then at night it comes alive with multiple bars squeezed into every nook and cranny. Come Saturday night at midnight and you’ll see the small corridors packed from wall to wall with people. It is definitely a site not to miss! And if you’re up early enough (we had an early flight), you’ll see a few night crawlers stumbling their way home or maybe even still enjoying a beer (or twenty)…

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Amsterdam we did a little differently… we actually found our place to stay before we looked up the neighborhood, which was a blessing and a curse. Were we a little outside our walking zone into the city? Yes, but did that detour us from experiencing Amsterdam? No. We ended up staying in Oost, which is East Amsterdam, and had some delicious food and cafes to hang out in. The reason we chose that place was because we wanted a whole apartment to ourselves, you know, for privacy reasons… Yeah, privacy.

Rome, Italy


Our neighborhood in Rome was similar to Amsterdam in that it was a bit out of walking distance from the center (but nonetheless, we walked those four miles), and the transportation, well that’s a whole other post in itself. However, we stayed in Pigneto, which is known for it’s bohemian vibes (there I go again with the “vibes”) and lively nightlife. It was exactly what we wanted, local food, zero tourism, and a great bang for our buck. It is truly a locals place, so beware of little to NO English being spoken and have to rely on your partner for all conversation throughout your stay.


as my mother always says, here’s to being too hip to be squared,


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