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A Week in Ireland

Alright, y’all – we spent about a week in Ireland, experiencing the beautiful country and seeing as much as we could. Here is our schedule, and a few tips with what we did along the way.

Newcastle County Down: 3 nights

Newcastle is a little seaside town in Northern Ireland against the breathtaking Mourne Mountains. Located about an hour outside of Belfast, it’s worth getting off the beaten path to go explore. I have a few friends who live here, so we were excited to stay with them and their family.

NOTE: Laura’s family was so friendly and welcoming, we could hardly believe it. They made us feel right at home. This is definitely the best way to get a feel for the country, and it’s so wonderful to know people who are willing to show you around and take you to the best spots.


We wish that we could have stayed here longer!


Galway: 2 nights

As we didn’t have a rental car, we had to utilize the public transportation, which we were told wasn’t that great (or it was “shit”, in Laura’s words). Looking at a map, we assumed that we could go straight from Belfast to Galway (wrong). Instead, we had to go to Dublin first and then transfer onto a different bus to Galway.

It’s safe to say that we both loved this city, albeit getting lost the first night we were there. We walked an extra few miles with our huge packs – but that is a different story, for a different time. Our main reason for heading to the west coast was to check out the Cliffs of Moher – or should we say, the Cliffs of Insanity?

Princess Bride, anyone?

The views did not disappoint and it was breathtaking to stand so close to the edge. Chloe might have freaked me out with how close she stood, but it was good to get the heart racing (right?).


Dublin: 3 nights

We hopped back on a bus and headed back towards Dublin, excited for what the weekend would hold. Our short stay flew by, spent by eating, drinking a lot of cider and Guinness (duh), and walking the beautiful streets. While we shied away from some of the tourist attractions, we still went to the Leprechaun museum and learned about the folklore in Ireland. The tour was full of important facts – including the one about how leprechauns don’t wear green. What!



Ireland was amazing, and the next time we visit we definitely want to have a rental car, so we can explore the country at freewill.

The winding roads are so charming and you can hear the rolling hills calling your name to go explore – but the only way to do so is with a car. Unfortunately, I was too young (by a few weeks!) to rent a car.

So the next time you find yourself in Ireland, make some new friends, get a rental car, and get ready to see some beautiful country.

safe travels,


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