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We're Markie and Chloe, and we are traveling the world... ok, maybe not the whole world, but that would be dope! Follow us along our journey through Europe, Souteast Asia, and wherever else we end up!



Markie and Chloe

Markie and Chloe

our life story

We live together, work together, hang out together, and weirdly enough, we are family. Both recent graduates from the University of Montana, it was time to decide what the ‘next step’ was. The next step for us? Life. Time to start living and acting on the inspiration we find all around us. And now, we are taking off on an adventure to explore as much of the world as we can – on a budget. It’s safe to say that both of us have our own reasons for diving into the unknown and leaving everything behind. We quit our jobs, got rid of everything we own, said good bye to family and friends, and left our beloved Montana – all without a return ticket home.


We’re cousins, best friends, confidantes, roommates, coworkers and now travel partners. Somehow, we don’t get sick of each other and can talk for hours upon hours about anything. Our blog is aimed to share our experiences, the stories we happen upon, and to prove that the fear of the unknown can be beaten. And, of course, how we saved for this trip (AKA working a shit ton). We are looking forward to slowing down, drinking coffee every morning, exploring new places, savoring ALL the food, and of course, meeting fellow human beings from all corners of the earth.


Lovers of the outdoors and adventures, we can’t wait to explore parts of the world that we have only dreamed about. Follow along with us to see the ups and downs as we create our own path.


with love,


Markie & Chloe

meet the travelers

markie k. russell

Writer. Adventurer. Beer and food enthusiast. Outdoor lover. Family and friends hold a big place in my heart, and the beauty in the world makes my soul hurt in the best way possible.

chloe q. russell

Degree in media arts. Lover of all things wine and dogs. A sucker for cheesy chick flicks… i.e. Grease. Passionate about photography and film. Fascinated by minimalism. And always being inspired.



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