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Custard Tart Lisbon

Best Food to Try in Lisbon

Hungry in Lisbon? Have no fear, for the city is full of delicious food in every corner. Want some more advice on how to pick the best place to eat? Visit our blog post here.

Food in Lisbon you must try:

Here are a few of the classics to try a taste, or two, in Lisbon:

Custard Tart Lisbon

Pasteis de nata

A custard tart you can find on every corner, in every bakery, all over the city. And they can be slightly different bakery to bakery – so make sure you try multiple ones. It’s a good excuse to treat yourself, right?


Portugal is known for delicious, creamy cheeses – and you have to try the various types sheep’s cheese. Don’t forget to try the ‘fresh cheese.’ And don’t worry – cheese plates and offering for fresh cheese is all over the place in every restaurant, so it won’t be difficult to find.

Codfish cakes

Portugal’s national dish is the salt cod. While they are multiple ways to prepare and eat the bacalhau (salt cod), we tried many variations of the codfish cakes – a delicious appetizer before any meal.


Smoked sausages that are typically made with chicken or game, as well as garlic and bread. You can find it served with a fried egg – the Portuguese loves their fried eggs (and I do, too).


HELLOOOOOOOO. We are on a coast, people. Take advantage of that fresh seafood!


And don’t forget about the sangria!

YUM. I’m not much of a sangria girl when I’m at home, but man I drank A LOT of it in Lisbon. It was delicious. Every bar does it differently, so it looks like you will have to hunt for your favorite. Bummer, you’re going to have to drink sangria and eat custard tarts – let me know when you’re going and I’ll join you!

Check out our other post on Lisbon to discover where we loved to eat.

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