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We're Markie and Chloe, and we are traveling the world... ok, maybe not the whole world, but that would be dope! Follow us along our journey through Europe, Souteast Asia, and wherever else we end up!



Booking our Flight to Iceland

In preparing for our trip, we began using Hopper that is an app that predicts when flights will be the cheapest and which flights will be the cheapest. The app will allow you to watch a flight and then it will send you notifications when they think you should book, or if you should fly into a different spot that’s near by.

In late February, we decided to unwind with a round of sequence and some red wine when we got a ding. Markie looked down at her phone and read the notification, which said that the flight we had been watching to Iceland dropped down to $380. Now, let me back up real quick, we decided earlier when we started watching flights that if anything were to drop under $400 that we would book it – we wouldn’t second-guess ourselves. So fast forward, when Markie received the notification that the flight was under $400, she looked at me with a look that said “holy shit.” Even after months of discussing this trip, it never seemed “real” except for that one rule…

While looking at these flights, it didn’t seem true, like we weren’t sure if this was “fo real” as some might say. We were debating on two different dates with the same price, one at the beginning of July, and one at the end. We agreed on the date of July 27th as it gave us more time to get everything ready and not feel the pressures of packing a summer full of events into one month. I mean lets be honest – Markie and I love Missoula summers!


We did it. We booked our flights to Iceland. And that right there set this whole trip in motion, and consequently made it that much more real. And I won’t lie, we definitely did the whole girl squeal and dance around the living room, but we were not in our underwear so we have that going for us…

Because we were on a high after booking those flights to Iceland, we immediately began to search for flights from Iceland to Ireland, as it was the next country on our list that was a must-see. And as luck would have it, we found a flight 10 days later for around $100 – you could say we “got er done.”

When we were done celebrating, and both semi-exhausted from all the excitement it seemed that we both thought the same exact thing when I mumbled the realization of, “shit, now we got to make some serious cash.”

Cheers to safe travels,


  • Sharon Russell
    Posted at 20:35h, 16 June Reply

    Loving it so far

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