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Cascais Beach

Tips for Visiting the Cascais Beaches

Located about twenty minutes away (by train) from the center of Lisbon are the beaches of Cascais.

Tip: Do not attempt to drive to the beaches, and don’t take the bus – traffic in Lisbon is awful. It moves very slow and can take three times as long (or more) to get anywhere by car. AKA: Don’t rent a car – you won’t need it. Trains leave about every twenty minutes from Lisbon to Cascais, so don’t worry about missing one – the next train will arrive soon after.

Cascais is absolutely beautiful and you won’t go wrong with choosing a beach.

Check out this blog post for some detailed information on the beaches. We simply hopped on a train with an idea of where we wanted to get off and were rewarded with a beautiful, sandy beach.

PS – don’t be afraid to ask a local for help on where to go. We got a little turned around and were given excellent instructions as soon as we asked for help. And actually, this goes for EVERY place you visit – don’t be afraid to ask for help. Ever!

Want to get your beach day vibes going? Visit the many bars and restaurants that line the boardwalk.

Bring your own snacks and drinks, or run up to the bars for some beers or sangria. Restaurants sell nice, fancy meals, or things like fries and pizza that are easy to bring back to your towel.

It’s obviously free to lounge on the beach via towel or your own chairs, or it costs between 10-20 euros to rent two beach chairs and an umbrella (depending on what beach you plop down on). The sun is intense and you will be glad to have some reprieve from the unrelenting rays.

Chloe, Michele, Pius, and I all spent two glorious days basking in the sun and could have spent more time at the beach if we would have stayed in Lisbon longer. Luckily for us, we went mid September and the beaches were semi-empty since it was starting to get ‘cooler’ – but the weather was still in the 70s or 80s – AKA perfect beach weather.

cheers to those beach day vibes,


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