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How to Decide Where to Stay When Traveling

It might take a little bit to get an grasp of exactly what you are looking for, or better yet, what you enjoy, but once you do the perfect place can make or break your love for a city.

How do you know where to stay?

Quick Note: this is for those of you looking at airbnbs to get a good understanding of where you want to stay because we whole heartedly believe that you can make any place work if you have the right location, location, location. Trust me, we lived in a run down apartment with slanted walls, no washer or dryer, a shower that went up to our necks, and ZERO insulation making the winters a wee bit nippy for three years in Missoula, and we LOVED it! Why? Because it was in the perfect location RIGHT DOWNTWON (okay, so Missoula, Montana is one place you want to be downtown).

Markie and I aren’t traveling to go out and get drunk every night, but we do love to go out and enjoy the nightlife. It’s a balance that you have to be honest with yourself and know exactly what makes you “fall in love” with a place, so to speak.

We can tell you right now that we don’t enjoy staying in the heart of any city…

Sounds odd, right.

But to us, we would much rather stay outside in an “up and coming,” hipster, or bohemian neighborhood as some of them might be better known for… These are the neighborhoods that we have found fit in our travel style; they tend to have great food and even better coffee.

Stay and Eat

We travel to eat, and we want to eat at the best, local places.

And typically, that is not going to be where all the monuments or tourist places are located. Also, if you get outside that six block radius the prices will tend to reflect that, which is also a plus in our book. Hello, we’re semi-budget travelers, as in we’ll pay for delicious food, but nothing else…

Now, how do we start…

We begin by looking up a list of the neighborhoods in each city we are traveling to. In almost every large city there will be at least one, if not more, bloggers giving you some insight on what each neighborhood has to offer. (This also helps you to grasp your style of travel.) Every city has similar neighborhoods: the tourist trap, the historic district, the high-class hotel stretch, the sketchy hood, the “hipster” or bohemian neighborhood, and the expats.

Now, you can decide where to stay based on which area sounds best like you.

Then look it up! On Airbnb, you can typically type in the neighborhood and it should come up with places. Also, their website does a great job of getting you in the area you are looking for, especially with their drag-and-drop map function.

After that, it’s up to you to decide what’s worth it in price, location, and quality!

Happy Hunting,


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