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Live Music

Live Music in Athens

There’s a million reasons to love Missoula, MT. And one of those reasons is the opportunity to listen to live music all the time. And we mean it – all the time. Whether it is a local band playing at breweries or big time musicians visiting Missoula frequently, you can bet that almost any night of the week you can find some live music if you are jonesin’ for some.

We miss live music.

Obviously, we have been able to see some live music played. We’ve listened to a jazz band in Ireland, a music festival in Paris, a band at the coolest bar in the world in Prague, Fado music in Portugal, and don’t forget the DJ sets at the club in Berlin. It has all been amazing – but it is something that we search for frequently and can be difficult to find.

You can currently find us in Athens, Greece – craving live music from a local band.

It’s Friday evening, and we are sitting in the bar at our hostel, reading blog posts on the best spots to go for live music. And they all lead us to the same spot – Bourbon Bar.

Earlier that day, we had visited a thrift store to search for some goodies (which we found – hellooooo suede vests and shorts) and noticed a bar named Bourbon, which was right next to the cafe we stopped for coffee. It was in an area of town called Exarcheia, which is an ‘up and coming’ part of town known for its political uproar, street art, and delicious food.

Fast forward to that evening, after reading all of the blog posts urging us to visit Bourbon – a spot that we had already gone to, we decided we wanted a local’s opinion, and asked our bartender.

“Ah, my favorite is this bar called Bourbon, let me look it up for you,” he said. I nodded, smiling, glad (and almost smug) that we had obviously done our research correctly.

Fast forward AGAIN – it’s dinner on a Saturday night, and we are both tired. Exhausted. Some of the dangers of sleeping in a hostel mean that your fellow roommates might snore really loud – and snoring the night before had kept us up all night.

“I’m so tired,” I told Chloe.

“I know. I’m SO tired,” Chloe reciprocated.

But we both wanted to experience this club/bar/whatever it was. Even though we both could have gone home for the night – we decided to power through. Our version of powering through? Ordering some more wine.

“Okay, we will ask our waiter what he thinks. But if he says Bourbon, we have to go there,” I said to Chloe.

She agreed, and we asked him.

“Ah, my favorite spot is this bar called Bourbon. But it is a long ways away,” he told us. “My friends and I are probably going tonight.”

He showed us the bar’s Facebook page with the address – but we already knew where the bar was, so we didn’t bother writing anything down.

Looks like we were headed to Bourbon!

After running back to our hostel really quick, we decided to get an Uber to the bar.

Some of the streets can be a little shady at night, and walking a few miles in the dark may not always be a good idea.

Chloe set up an Uber for us and had to change the address – because Uber was trying to send us to this place in Glyfada, which is a little suburb about ten miles outside of Athens. We KNEW where we were going – and it was not  Glyfada. Duh.

After fixing the address on Uber (thank God we corrected the mistake), we hopped in the car to go to the famous Bourbon. After about ten minutes in the car, we pulled up to the outside of the bar… And it was almost empty, save for a few bartenders and one small group of people sitting outside.

We went upstairs, hoping to find more of a crowd, and were met with silence. I glanced around, trying to find the spot where the band would typically set up. It was a very small club… if it even was a club…?

A disgruntled bartender came to our table to ask us what we wanted to drink. After ordering a few beers, I asked if there was a band playing tonight.

“No.” He walked off.

Chloe and I looked at each other. Huh? We were so confused. After he brought us our beers, I asked if there were typically bands here.

“No. Maybe once a year. But that is it.” He walked away again, leaving us to our confusion.

“Why did two separate people tell us about this place?” We wondered together. It was midnight and we were both tired, and didn’t necessarily want to be out – but we had wanted to check out this place.

After a few minutes the bartender came back, obviously deciding to share more information with us.

“There are two bars named Bourbon. The other one is in Glyfada, which is a long ways away. They have a fun dancing bar,” he told us. “It would take about thirty minutes to get there.” He left us again.

Chloe and I stared at each other. Both guys had shown us the address, had even taken us to their Facebook page, had even told us it was a long way from where we were. Yet we were so sure that we knew exactly what they were talking about, that we didn’t bother to double check anything.

Of course. It was past midnight, we had two full beers in front of us, and the club was a thirty minute cab drive away.

“Should we just finish these beers and go home?” Chloe asked me.

I nodded, agreeing. We had missed the mark – again. So close, yet so far.

Long story short (well – not really, this was a long blog post). We never made it to the famous Bourbon Bar. And so, if you ever find yourself in Athens on a weekend night and want live music… go check it out. And please – let us know how it is.

cheers to double checking addresses (and fully listening to advice that is given to you),


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