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We're Markie and Chloe, and we are traveling the world... ok, maybe not the whole world, but that would be dope! Follow us along our journey through Europe, Souteast Asia, and wherever else we end up!



Our Sunday in Paris

I’m sitting on our balcony off of our little studio apartment in Paris, watching the colors change as the sun makes its way down. The sky is full of different blues and purples, offsetting the lights from the city and the Eiffel Tower. It’s a beautiful evening in Paris, filled with people strolling down the street, some on their phones, some chatting with their companions, some lost in their headphones. You can hear the sounds of cars showing off by revving their engines mixed with shouts, singing, train horns, multiple sirens, and the occasional laughter. City life, man.


Our Sunday in Paris

This morning we slept in after an evening filled with hysterical laughter and a little too much wine. As we laid in bed laughing about the night before, occasionally groaning at our heads, we started planning what’s to come after Paris. Four hours later, we finally made some decisions and began getting ready for brunch.

Having done some research the day before, we reviewed our options again, deciding to go to a cafe that had made timeout.com’s list of Top 10 Paris Brunches and Top 10 Paris Restaurants.

YAAASSSSS. Brunch, we’re comin’ for ya.


For a few weeks in August, half of Paris shuts down. It’s a vacation month for Parisians, many taking the time off of work and their lives to enjoy the summer days and head out of the city. We did not know this before we arrived, and were selfishly disappointed when we realized it. Obviously, we are both happy that a lot of people can take the time to be with friends and family, as that is what life is about. But selfishly, we were sad to find out that so many of the ‘must go to’ spots were closed (specifically delicious restaurants and bakeries).

As we walked towards our brunch spot, I reassured Chloe that I had looked this place up and verified that it was open, unlike the other options we were considering. After getting a little lost, we knew that we were only a block away and turned down a small side street. A couple was staring sadly at the restaurant, looking at their phones and peering through the plastic covering that wrapped around the cafe.

My heart sank.

It was closed for August, for renovations and for vacation.

I had failed us in our brunch quest. With no internet and no plan B, how did we know where we were going to stop? We decided to walk down the street, stopping at any place that looked delicious, and read their menus. We quickly found a spot that had people in it, as well as a table outside. That was a good sign, right?

Our brunch was delicious and huge, with fresh orange juice paired with croissants, baguettes, eggs, fruit, and more. I’m still full as I write this blog post, seven hours later.

The rest of our Sunday was lazy; we both read, and I even watched a little Netflix. Chloe edited some photos, and we cleaned up the studio (because in the last few days, we were really, truly living in it – and by that I mean, everything we brought in our backpacks was all over the place. It was starting to feel like home…). It was a lovely evening filled with both of us working on what we wanted: writing, reading, and anything inbetween.

Cheers to a wonderful mix of traveling: busy days filled to the brim, mixed with days of relaxation. It’s the best way to do it.


  • Sharon Russell
    Posted at 05:43h, 12 September Reply

    Sure does sound like a good time, keep on enjoying.

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