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We're Markie and Chloe, and we are traveling the world... ok, maybe not the whole world, but that would be dope! Follow us along our journey through Europe, Souteast Asia, and wherever else we end up!



The Reality of Traveling with People

It doesn’t matter whom it’s with, when you add to your original group (of two in our situation) your days are always filled… Not always with sightseeing, but you are always together even at the hotel, Airbnb, hostel or wherever you are staying, which is a huge part of traveling with people!

And it should never be a bad thing; if it is, you have the wrong mindset and need to change it. When traveling with people, it is a chance to get to know them better and create memories that you wouldn’t be able to do otherwise.

Greece Travel

That’s why we love when people decide to travel with us.

“Vacation” or traveling shouldn’t be about planning, or setting intentions, but allowing the moment to happen all on its own.

It’s about sitting in a bar for over three hours

and seeing what the next snack is the bartender can whip up because you’ve been there for four rounds already…

It’s about going to your local grocery store

and getting meat, cheese and wine every night for a dinner “in” instead of going out.

It’s about who can balance the longest on street posts

and having a Greek woman walk by and say “only Americans could find a playground anywhere…”

It’s about teaching and learning Spades,

and blaming one another for not bidding correctly every time.

Greece Traveling

It’s about grabbing a drink at a bar

and not making it a block before we stopped at the next bar.

It’s about figuring out which restaurant makes the best gyro,

and then going back again for dinner.

It’s about soaking in a geothermal pool every day,

even if that’s the only thing you do that day.

It’s about drinking tea with a wee of sugar,

because it’s the Irish way

Greece Travel

It’s about drinking so much Sangria,

that you might have peed your pants.

It’s about eating so much Swiss cheese,

that you’ve ruined the taste of just regular cheese.

It’s about spending two days in a row on the beaches of Cascais

doing absolutely nothing.

It’s about getting a private yoga session every morning,

because you’re traveling with the BEST yoga instructor.

Cascais Beach

It’s about naming cancer cat,

and eventually accepting her for who she is, a cat with cancer.

It’s about finding ways to communicate,

when you don’t speak the same language.

It’s about who can last the longest in an ice bath,

with Brian beating the Wisconsin with a time of 6 minutes!

And it’s about taking your family to your favorite local restaurant

who may or may not have just fired their chef who was late to work that morning…

It’s these reasons, and more, that you travel with people because within all these moments it’s the conversations that fill and deepen your relations even when you thought you couldn’t get any closer. It’s the homemade memories you cherish the most because they’re the ones you made together.

Greece Travel

Traveling with people can be tough,

but if you shed a different light on it, it could enhance your vacation rather than stunt it.

A huge shout-out to our Greek crew for making it one for the books! It just made our trip around Greece that much better to have the whole family with us. And also, to our Iceland crew who started our trip with us, and our Swiss crew from a few weeks back for creating lasting memories we’ll never forget!

Greece Travel

Greece Travel

thanks for the memories,



  • Joyce Kelley
    Posted at 16:49h, 21 October Reply

    I can’t believe it is already over. Is there a rewind button for adventure and fun with those you cringe to be separated from. I loved waking up for coffee and adventure with our Seth, Chloe and Markie. These kids that are so informed, savvy and educated and seek more knowledge within our world. What better place to explore and walk for miles among the ancient ruins of a civilization that was the birthplace of Athena. My ending question do you think there were as many cats in 500BC in Greece as there are today?

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