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Recommendations in Amsterdam

Looking for some recommendations in Amsterdam? Look no further, for here are some of our favorites during our short jaunt to the city.

  • Red Light Secrets: Museum of Prostitution: It’s very interesting and is located right in the middle of the Red Light District. The museum is reasonable in price and will give you some insight on some of Amsterdam’s history on prostituion. Visit the website here for more information and to buy tickets online (we bought online, but it wasn’t necessary). However, if you do buy online it will save you a couple of euros. Always looking to save some money, am I right?!
  • Cafe P96: DELICIOUS. We ate lunch here and are both still daydreaming about their sandwiches. It’s cheap, drool worthy, and located right along one of the canals, just a few minutes away from the Anne Frank House.
  • Anne Frank House: Definitely a must see. Check out our previous post for more information.
  • East Amsterdam: Our Airbnb was located in this neighborhood, which is filled with locals and barely any tourists. While it’s about two miles away from the city center, it was perfect for us. We got a taste of the true Amsterdam city and it’s filled with fun bars and restaurants. Almost every establishment has outdoor seating (in the nice weather) and excellent people watching.
  • Rent a bike and explore as the locals do: Chloe and I didn’t do this, but we did explore the city on foot. Next time I am definitely taking part in this culture and will experience Amsterdam via bike.
  • Order a drink and sit along the canals: Doesn’t matter where you are or what part of Amsterdam you are in, do it! It’s  fun to watch the flow of traffic with the bikes, especially in the heart of the city.
  • Indulge in some legal substances. I mean… why not? Weed is legal here, and there are multiple ‘cafes’ all over the city, mainly in the city center. You can sit inside the cafe and smoke some joints or buy a space cake. Regardless, it is so much fun and you can’t help but feel like a badass smoking a joint along the canal. Make sure you take it easy on the space cakes, though. Not that we’re talking from experience…
  • Walk around the Red Light District: This is a must see for Amsterdam, but do it respectfully. It’s rude to stand and point at a human being standing right in front of you in any situation, so don’t do it here. There are women in every window offering their services, both during the day and at night. Make sure that you do not take pictures of anyone in this area, as it is prohibited.
  • Eat some cheese: Amsterdam Cheese Company is the bee’s knees. Not only do they have free samples, but their cheese is delicious. We splurged and bought some to eat at our apartment – yum!



More advice:

Every time we took a taxi home, the taxi driver took the long way and we had to pay more. We utilized Uber in Amsterdam, but we couldn’t always get a ride since our phones don’t work unless connected to wifi. This was the only city where we didn’t utilize the public transportation, as we walked everywhere (except late at night, when it was time to go home). AKA, each time we took a taxi, we were charged more than we should’ve been.

We obviously didn’t do everything that we wanted since we had such a short amount of time in this beautiful, clean city. The next time we visit, we will be sure to check out more!



  • Garrett
    Posted at 18:38h, 30 September Reply

    Insightful tips. When I was there all the locals claimed all the trolleys and buses were unofficially free. You pay if you’d like but the driver usually won’t ask. I never did try it.

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