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Restaurant Recommendations in Paris

The city of love and the city of food…

Note: All recommendations are located in the 10th Arrondissment, as that is where our Airbnb was located. We did not eat near the ‘touristy’ areas, such as the Louvre or the Eiffel Tower. Typically when we ventured towards other areas, we would buy snacks (mainly bread) at bakeries around town, or have a few drinks at bars, but we would always head ‘home’ for our meals.

These are a few of our favorite things…

Side Note (or top note?): Most of these were recommended to us originally by our AirBnb host, and then repeated to us by several other people, so you know they are worth it if you are hearing them two or three different times. So we had to find out for ourselves what all the hype was about. 

Holybelly: We ate breakfast here A LOT. It is sooooo good. Expect a line when you arrive, but it is worth the wait. Repeat after me: Worth. The. Wait. And they sure do serve a damn fine cup of coffee.



10 Belles: Cute little coffee shop that serves pastries and different varieties of coffee. I indulged in French press coffee and banana bread, neither which disappointed. It’s also located in a great area for some people watching.

Chez Prune: Otherwise known as ‘the place to be’ in our neighborhood! We came here a few times for drinks. While this bar does have an outdoor seating area, it fills up fast, so it can be difficult to find a spot outside. It’s located along the canal and definitely gets packed with a younger crowd. Note: They do not bring you menus, as it is expected to know what you want. Everyone gets beer or wine, as their mixed drinks are very expensive (we found out the hard way).

Les Viniagriers: We ate here for my 25th birthday dinner. Not only was the food delicious but we were able to sit for a few hours, taking our time until midnight. It’s so much fun to eat late, something we definitely don’t get to do in our hometown of Missoula, MT. As we finished our drinks and dessert the chef gave us some complimentary homemade limoncello… and it was good. And strong. Very strong. We balled out and spent some cash (it was expensive) but hey, it’s only your birthday once a year!

Les Delices des Faubourgs: We did not visit a bakery we did not like. But, this one was located right next to our Airbnb so we frequented it often. Their bread was to die for… and might be worth it to die for. Maybe?

Du Pain et des Idees: Sadly, it was closed for almost the entire month of August (more on that later). Luckily for us, it reopened the day we left! While it is a little more expensive than other bakeries, it’s definitely worth it. There will most likely be a huge line out the door, but it moves pretty quickly. We stocked up on some baked goods for our train ride to Berlin.

Paris Bakery


Paris Bakery


St. Martin’s Canal: Everyone picnics, reads, drinks or chats along this canal. There are areas to sit all along it and join in on the fun. During the evening it is full of locals with a bottle of wine, which we did as well. Great people watching, and it’s also fun to run along in the mornings!

August in Paris

Paris shuts down in August.

Parisians flock to the beach or another country to enjoy the last moments of summer before school is back in session and business goes back to normal. Many restaurants and shops in the heart of Paris stay open, while many on the outskirts close down. Since we were located outside of the city center, over half in our area were closed. Selfishly we were a little disappointed, but we were definitely more happy for those businesses and their employees to spend time with family and friends. That’s what life is about, right?

cheers to bread and croissants,


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