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Ring Road Day 2: Egilsstaðir

As we had arrived in Egilsstaðir at 3 AM earlier that morning, we all decided to sleep in late, especially our two travelers who had a hell of a time getting to Iceland the day before. After waking up, Chloe and I decided to tour the town by going on a run, seeing as much as we could.

Visit www.egilsstadir.is for more information on what the town has to offer, as well as the running trails.

Sadie slept until about 3 pm, and instructed Chloë and I in a 90 minute yoga session. It’s pretty awesome having a yoga instructor traveling with you, giving us all a private practice.

It was obviously a chill and laid back day, but as we all walked down to the grocery store in the early evening, we decided to drive to Laugarvellir, a geothermal pool with its own warm waterfall. We bought some food for a picnic at Netto Kaupvangur Egilsstaðir and walked back to our Airbnb, excited to get going on this adventure.

Ring Road Day 2


Directions to Laugavellir:

From Egilsstaðir, drive south on Route 1.
After driving about seven kilometers, turn to the east on Road 931, then turn south again on Road 933.
After driving a short distance, turn onto Road 910 and drive all the way to Halslon, a humungous reservoir by Karahnukar. Make sure to stop either on the way there or on your way back from the pool and survey the dam, as it is very impressive.
After passing the dam, the pool is only seven kilometers from the road. You must have a 4 x 4 car to access this road. If you do not have a 4 x 4, you are welcome to park and hike down to the pool. Keep in mind that at the end of the road you will have to cross a river. I waded across the river to check how deep it was before we drove the rental through it, and we were able to make it over safely.

Somehow we had the pools to ourselves, but we have been told that it can get crowded at times. This is a free, natural pool, so make sure to pack in what you brought and leave it as you found it.

I think it’s safe to say that it was all of our favorite geothermal pools to visit on the entire trip. We stayed past 10:00 and then made it back to our Airbnb, all of us exhausted again and ready for bed.

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