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Ring Road Day 6: Borgarnes

After a wonderful night of sleep, Chloë and I went for a run to explore the back roads near Borgarnes. When we got back to our place (which was our favorite Airbnb in Iceland), Sadie had woken up and was ready to give us another yoga session outside (did we mention how great it is to travel with a yoga instructor)?


Our trip was coming to a close, and we knew we had to do the Golden Circle (thanks to Brian for looking it up). Note – many people do this when staying in Reykjavik, but it was about the same distance from both Reykjavik and Borgarnes, so it didn’t add any extra distance.

The Golden Circle

Distance: 300 km

Time: approximately 5 hours


First stop (from Borgarnes) Geysers at Haukadalur

The most famous geyser in Iceland is called Strokkur, and it constantly explodes every 5-10 min, so you will definitely see the gigantic spout. There is a walking path, as well as a cafe and a hotel. This place can get very crowded, but parking is free.


Second Stop: Gullfoss Waterfall

This huge waterfall has a long walkway to see the waterfall from different angles. Note that you can climb along the rocks at the end of the pathway, but it does get very slippery. Make sure to wear a raincoat or waterproof coat. Parking is free, and the whole area is absolutely beautiful.

Third Stop: Þingvellir National Park (where the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates are slowly separating)

Hands down, this was my favorite stop along the Golden Circle. There are a lot of pathways leading you to different areas of the park, along with many plaques explaining the history of the area. It was the location of Iceland’s first Parliament, dating back to 930 AD. Parking cost 500 ISK (about $5). As we showed up later in the evening, it was also less crowded than any other spot.

After another full day on the road, it was time to soak in some geothermal water at the city pool. Sadie kept reminding us that we needed to soak in hot water everyday on the trip, and she was right! It cost 800 ISK ($8) for us to get in and use the multiple tubs of hot water, including an ice bath and water slides. We had another competition to see who could sit in the ice bath the longest, and Brian stayed in for a total of five minutes. Brrrrr….

For a night cap, we stopped off at a convenience store for some ice cream before heading home. We were ready to make noodles for dinner, drink wine, and pack to leave in the morning.

On the road again…

happy travels,


  • Lori Russell
    Posted at 02:23h, 29 August Reply

    Such great pictures as always – but an ice bath? Yikes!

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