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Ring Road Day 7: Borgarnes to Reykjavik

Distance: 70 km

Time: 1 hour


Our last day of the ring road! Surprise, surprise, we woke up to another private yoga session (thanks, Sadie!) before hitting the road to drive the last hour to Reykjavik.

When we arrived in the city, we looked for some fuel in the form of coffee and pastries at the delicious Te and Kaffi, located downtown. This was our second time visiting this little shop…

After wandering around the area in the sunshine, we walked to the Harpa building, but we were disappointed to discover that the majority of the building was closed for visitors that day. However, we were able to get tickets for a show that evening called ‘How to Become Icelandic in 60 Minutes.’



After purchasing those tickets, we walked to Hallgrímskirkja, a Lutheran church that is one of the largest structures in Iceland! It gives those who venture to the top of the tower a breathtaking view of the colorful city. Again, so worth it!

Sadie and Brian skipped out on this one, as they had already paid the fee to enter the tower a few years ago. Chloe and I headed to the top and were surprised to find it not as crowded as you would think, given the long lines in front of the church.

Entrance to the tower cost 900 ISK ($9).


Hot Dogs

We all decided that we needed to get one more Icelandic hot dog before we left (this wouldn’t be my last one) and headed to the iconic hot dog stand, Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur, in downtown Reykjavik.

We settled down for some beers and fried sourdough bread (unreal) afterwards at a bar nearby, but cannot for the life of us remember the name. Regardless, if you ever find yourself in Reykjavik, hunt down a bar that serves fried sourdough bread. You won’t regret it!


Our Airbnb was located near downtown, so we walked back to our apartment, checking in and finishing the last of our alcohol that we had before the show (we couldn’t leave any behind, right?). Sadie, Brian, and I headed back to the gastropub Sætasvínið that Chloe and I went to the previous weekend.

We had some happy hour drinks and headed back to the Harpa building, after I grabbed one more hot dog for dinner (I told you it wouldn’t be my last one), meeting Chloe in the entrance of the building.

The show was only an hour long, and it definitely deserved some chuckles from us as we finally learned how to become Icelandic.

It was a wonderful last day in Iceland, meandering around the capital, enjoying good food and drinks. While it was hard to say good bye to this beautiful country full of waterfalls, rainbows, hot water, elves and trolls, it was time to head to our next destination: Ireland.



  • Lori Russell
    Posted at 02:13h, 29 August Reply

    😘 loved Iceland through your eyes!

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