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Saying Goodbye

As with all stages of our lives, we finish one chapter and begin the next. And as we write our story there are introductions, climaxes, and of course endings, but we’re never truly done until we’re literally laid to rest… I mean, come on, it’s true.

Yesterday Markie and I officially moved out of our apartment of three years together. It was a bitter sweet moment in the sense that it really wasn’t that great of a place; it was old and slanted, had no amenities, and Markie showered on her knees every morning – that’s how short the shower head was… But to us it honestly was great place. We loved the location right downtown, we learned to live with less, and we had each other and those were the selling points when we first moved in – and they’re still the selling points now.

goodbye Sage

There are so many memories in that piece of shit apartment that it was emotional to walkout and call somewhere else “home.” I mean we hosted friends-giving with 20+ people in attendance twice (and people thought we couldn’t do it), we enjoyed countless two-person dance parties, and we successfully “hid” a dog in our place for three years. Sage (our dog) was pretty much our third roommate who just didn’t pay rent… that bitch. We had so many family dinners where whoever was in attendance would tell us there best and worst part of the day, and it’s those kind memories that we cherish from our place on Alder Street.

Packing sucked. Moving out sucked. Cleaning sucked. But when Markie and I walked out of our apartment last night for the last time, and had to go our separate ways – it was at that moment it really hit us that this chapter of our life is done.

And it hurt.


But a new chapter has just started, and changes are inevitable… so we’re ready to hit the ground running, and take it all in while letting it mold and shape us.

Change is hard. It means saying goodbye to something that had an affect on you and who you were. It’s not easy by any means, and it might suck for a while until you grow accustomed to your new way of being. But comfort zones are a blessing and curse, and until you can step out from that invisible shield you’ll never know what, or who you could be… We’re taking a leap of faith by getting rid of everything and going on a journey with no end date. It’s scary, but it’s also exhilarating not knowing what my one year plan is, let alone my five year plan.

The best advice I’ve got is you can’t say goodbye without saying hello…

so hello,


  • Gigi
    Posted at 14:00h, 12 August Reply

    I will miss the slanted floor, the leaves and bikes in the foyer and the dog in the window peering out and mostly, you two on East Alder.

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