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Six Must Do Things in Berlin

Berlin is full of history.

Chloe and I learned about the Berlin Wall, the birth of the city as it is known today, WWI, WWII, the Soviet Union, music, street art, and even more. There’s so much to do and a lot to fill your day with, so it won’t be hard finding something that fits your needs.

Here are a few of our recommendations for spending your time wisely in Berlin:

  1. Alternative Tour:

    • The Sunflower hostel (located in East Berlin) advertised a free walking tour. Mind you, it’s free – but you should definitely tip your tour guide (it’s the only way they get paid). And the tour was AWESOME. Chloe and I loved it, and it lasted around four to five hours. Not only do you learn about the history of Berlin, but you learn about the street art, graffiti, music, squatter communities, and more. It gives you a different perspective of the city and has been our favorite tour on our trip thus far.
    • Note: The tour meets in the middle of the city and is accessible to all who want to join – not just those staying in hostels! Check out their website here for more information. It is also beneficial to do this walking tour (and all walking tours) at the beginning of your stay in the city. This way, you get a feel of the city for the duration of your visit.

      Berlin Alternative Tour

  2. Berlin Wall:

    • This is an absolute must for anyone and everyone. Parts of the wall are still standing with different museums along the way, as well as plaques explaining the history and significance of a certain area. Be respectful in this area. All of the museums and parts of the Wall we visited were free.Berlin
  3. East Side Gallery:

    • Painted in 1990, it is an international memorial for freedom. The open air gallery is roughly a mile long and is painted on parts of the Wall that are still standing. It is beautiful and one of my favorite parts of Berlin.
  4. Donor Kebabs:

    • Berlin is the birthplace of Donor Kebabs! Eat as many of these as you can while you are here. We tried our best, but somehow Berlin still had some left over after we left. Yummmm.
  5. Museum Island:

    • Located in the Mitte district of Berlin, multiple internationally significant museums reside. Check one, two, three or even all of them out – perfect for a rainy (or even sunny) day!
  6. Clubbing:

    • Check out our other post on clubbing in Berlin. Enough said.

Tip: Public transportation is very easy to navigate (even for us). We stayed in Berlin for about a week and bought a 6-Day-Ticket. Check out this website here for more information. For us, we think it is worth skipping the hassle of buying single tickets every time you use transportation – especially if you utilize the ticket and get more than your money’s worth!



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