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Slow Down and Drink Coffee

Slow Down and Drink a Cup of Coffee

There was so much build up to this trip (I mean, there still is) and so much planning that it still doesn’t feel real. It doesn’t feel real that we said good bye to our loved ones (for now). It doesn’t feel real that we are taking off on an adventure for an undetermined amount of time and that we have no way to make money (yikes), and it doesn’t feel real that we are about to experience, see and taste so much.

Yet here we are in the Seattle Airport, seven hours into the layover with three hours left. And let me tell you, the dreaded ten hour layover came in handy today, because we both had a list to check off before we left the country. You always think there’s going to be plenty of time to download music and books, as well as set up your online banking, yet the clock always seems to run out faster than it should.

After arriving in Seattle at 6:15 AM, coffee and bagel in hand, we wandered around the airport to find the perfect spot to camp out. We sat in a few different spots, enjoying watching all the people rush about us as we sat carefree, knowing we didn’t have to check our phones for the time being.

In doing that, sipping our coffee and pretending to greet those coming in from their security check, we realized that is one of the things we are most excited about: slowing down.


Slow Down and Drink CoffeeSlowing down and enjoying a cup of coffee, taking in all of our surroundings, waking up to the sunrise when we want to and sleeping in when we choose to. Slowing down and chatting with people we meet at coffee shops, on the streets, in the bar or anywhere else. Human interactions can be so special and meaningful, regardless of how brief the encounter was.

While we were watching people rush through the airport, we started talking about how each person has their own lives, their own heartaches, their own struggles, and their own passions. It’s easy to brush people off as how you see them on the surface level, whether that be your waitress, someone you accidentally bumped into, someone dressed nicely or someone wearing sweats.

Everyone has their own stories, their own raw lives that they may keep private, or they may decide to open up to a stranger sitting at the bar with them.


It’s safe to say that we are both excited for not only the experiences and places we will see, but the stories that we will hear from those who are willing to share. We want to go past the surface level, and we want to always recognize every person as an individual.

I’ve been feeling all kinds of sentimental these days, and I’m embracing the emotions, as it is part of the human experience. While it is just now hitting me that we are leaving (weird that it took so long, right?) my heart is beating too fast from the excitement. But, I guess it could be due to the large coffee with lack of sleep from the night before, too…

Cheers to ch-ch-changes,


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