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Swiss Cheese

How Swiss Cheese Ruined Us

We love cheese.

I mean we looovveee cheese. And we’ll spend some good money for some equally good dairy product.

But unfortunately, ever since our time in Switzerland, we can’t seem to spend enough money to find what we’re looking for… because no one has it.

Excuse my language, but it’s shit.

So here is a forewarning, once you have Swiss cheese, you will never be able to enjoy cheese again.

When we’re talking about Swiss cheese, we mean that it is made in the Swiss Alps that the cows’ walk down themselves… they don’t just sell cheese anywhere. It’s not pasteurized, and it sure as hell doesn’t have any preservatives – making it GOLD in any organic, hippy loving eyes.

When in Switzerland we were blessed with a five star breakfast every morning at Analise and Mundy’s home (my Uncle’s parents) with croissants, eggs and bacon, coffee, juice, fresh fruit, yogurt and yes (the whole reason for this post) five different types of cheeses.

It was a slice of heaven, literally…

Our favorite being Gruyere, it became impossible not to stuff our faces with the most divine flavors, knowing we wouldn’t be able to get it anywhere else (let alone back in the states). Thus, the destruction of our taste buds began…

We ate so much cheese that week it was semi-disgusting (but delicious, nonetheless). Markie even found an article (sometimes I wish she would just leave well enough alone) about a woman who ate an ungodly amount of cheese. Our table conversations were something else…

Long story, short, we have yet to truly enjoy our beloved cheese since we over-indulged that one time in Switzerland… but don’t you worry, we are still trying our best to find it…

Eat your cheese wisely, and never take it for granted,


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