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Canal Cruises

Tips for Canal Cruises in Amsterdam

I’m not sure about you guys, but every picture I’ve ever seen of Amsterdam has the canals in it. The truth? Real life Amsterdam is even more picturesque than you would ever dream of.

We decided to go on a canal cruise after watching a few boats chug slowly along the canals.

We saw a boat that was getting ready for departure, from a company named Floating Amsterdam. It was a boat that met our qualifications and looked like a fun crew. Chances are you will get a spot somewhere if you decide to not plan for a canal cruise, as there are multiple boats parked along the canals, especially in the Red Light District.

After doing some research online and watching different boats on the canals, we saw the different prices and decided what we wanted and did not want in our canal cruise. We wanted a completely open boat (no top cover or walls). In addition, we wanted a small boat, because that ensured everyone had a good view. Our tour lasted about an hour long and only cost 15 euros each. Some tours offer meals along with the boat ride, but ours offered drinks and snacks to purchase onboard. While it can be a little expensive, it was totally worth forking over four euros to enjoy a cold Heineken along the city’s canals.

Canal CruisesExperiencing Amsterdam by the canals is absolutely beautiful and a must do for all visitors.

Not only do you get to see the city from a different viewpoint, but our guide shared the history of the city as well. Take as many pictures as you want, and don’t forget to touch some of the bridges you pass under for good luck!

We both enjoyed this tour so much that we considered doing another one at night to see all of the lights. While we didn’t have time to squeeze it in, we definitely will the next time we find ourselves in Amsterdam!



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