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Tips for Visiting the Anne Frank House

Oh, Amsterdam. We already miss you and dream of you, and are planning our next trip to see you again.

We only had a few things on our ‘to do’ list while visiting, and that included a trip to the Anne Frank House.

However, we didn’t do our research when it came to the Anne Frank House. We knew we wanted to visit it – but didn’t realize it was ideal to purchase tickets online until we arrived in Amsterdam. Our Airbnb host asked us if we already had tickets, and we both nodded our heads ‘yes’ without knowing what he meant. After he left, we frantically got online to check the availability.  All of the tickets were sold out for the entire duration of our visit (just our luck). Visitors who do not have tickets can still visit the museum after 4:00, but – if you do not have a ticket, expect to queue for at least two hours before getting in, and that’s after waiting for who knows how long before 4 o’clock rolls around. So lets just say you are more than likely going to wait even longer than two hours.

Chloe and I sadly agreed that we didn’t have enough time in Amsterdam to spend half a day (or more) in line. We made a decision: we would skip the museum and come more prepared next time.

The next morning, I tried our luck one more time and visited the website. I read a few blog posts earlier and some gave sound advice: check the day of for ticket openings. People always change their plans and who knows – it might work out in your favor!

Surprisingly, two tickets near the end of the day had opened up and were available!

I immediately bought them. Unfortunately, we had to miss the introduction film since those tickets were sold out. Regardless, we were able to skip the gigantic queue, and only had to spend about thirty minutes in line. Perfect!

Our advice: before going to the Anne Frank House, buy tickets online for the tour and the movie.

Visit the official website here.

The further in advance you buy the tickets, the better chance you have of getting to go the day you want. Your self guided tour will take about an hour to complete, and each individual is given an audio tour. Even with a ticket, expect to wait in line for at least twenty minutes, and don’t be late!

In our eyes, it is best to buy tickets at the earliest time available. That way, you won’t have to wait in line at all, and after the museum you still have the full day to explore.

Note: do not bring big bags or suitcases into the museum, as you will not be able to bring them inside, regardless if you have tickets. You will have to give up your ticket for the day without a refund! If you do have a backpack, you will be asked to wear it on your front. There is not a cloakroom or a baggage check, and cameras are not allowed.

The Anne Frank House impacted us in ways we can’t explain. It’s an experience we would recommend to anyone and everyone. The only thing I wish I would have done before visiting? Reread the Diary of Anne Frank.



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