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Top Things To Do in Lisbon

So you’re in Lisbon, huh? Here’s a few spots that you will have to visit for us… We know we would visit these spots again.

Restaurants in Lisbon:

Tapas Bucho

Tapas. The best kind of meal. Order a bunch of different food, have a little taste of all of it, and order some more. PERFECT. This restaurant is located in the Bairro Alto neighborhood and we came back two nights in a row. Some of our favorites? Mushrooms, meat and cheese plate, burgers, croquets, sausage, codfish, and more. Yes, we ate more – they basically had to roll us out of there. And don’t forget about the sangria – I was tempted to drink a few pitchers. To myself. Maybe I did…

The Mill

BREAKFAST. YUMMMMM. They offer a wide selection of toast options, traditional breakfast, and sweets. Coffee, wine, and more… Sign us up!

Baixa Neighborhood

We don’t know exactly where we ate, but we went to a few different restaurants in this area, as this is where our Airbnb was located. During the day the restaurants retreat back inside, but at night you can find the streets filled with chairs and tables for customers. Good, fresh food, and even accompanied by some free Fado music. Perfect!

Must do’s in Lisbon:

Lisbon Tram

Take the tram.

You’ll see the trams and lines all over Lisbon, packed to the brim with people. Ride it from one end to the other and back – you won’t regret it. Not only is it an awesome way to see the city, but it is a thrill to hang out the window and ride along the old tracks. Get on at the end (or the beginning) to claim a seat – they may be hard to come by.

Bairro Alto Neighborhood

This was our favorite neighborhood in all of Lisbon. Quiet during the day, but man does it come alive at night! Tiny bars are squeezed in every which way, boasting cheap drinks and deals you can’t pass up. Make sure to visit during the weekend and join the huge crowds at midnight.

Cascais Beach

Cascais beaches

You like the beach? You like sand? You like sunny naps? Yeah, me too.  Check out our post for tips when visiting Cascais.

Lisbon Duck Store

Lisbon Duck Store

You know, I’m still not sure why this is a big deal – and I’m not going to look it up to find out. That’s part of the charm, right? Chloe and I each bought a mini duck to carry around with us in our purses… hey, it’s fun!


Cork products are everywhere in Lisbon! Did you know that Portugal produces over half of the cork harvested in the world? You can buy purses, backpacks, jewelry, plates, and more made out of cork in Lisbon – make sure to check it out!

We can’t wait to visit Portugal again and explore even more.



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